Welcome to The Balava Hotel

Featuring unique combinations of smart accommodation with vibrant city live, this charming venue is an ideal pit-stop for all types of travellers. Conveniently situated within "The M-Square", it is just a stone's throw away from Malang Old Town rail way station.
A large infinite swimming lagoon, situated at the mezzanine level that allows you to admire the scenic view of mount Arjuno. Artistically designed cabanas and Equator swim up bar would complete your expectation of relaxing resort . Large kid pool also will interest children.
128 well-appointed rooms and suites are designed for comfortable stay and good quality sleep that second to none within the area. D'toengkoe sky fireplace-lounge at the roof top of the towering Balava Hotel provides a smart casual atmosphere to meet and greet during the day till late.


Superior Room

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Suite Room

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Guest Review

Oct 2019 | from : David Syamtar

"I was fascinated by the hotel pictures on the website and one of the travel apps but it didn't match expectations. Hotel location next to the flyover and the train station and you can here when train come. I waited long enough without being reprimanded by the hotel receptionist. There was only one person on duty in the afternoon when I arrived. You can hear any activities outside your room and is a annoying for me. The road to the room is not good because the carpet looks unkempt and uneven. "

Sep 2019 | from : Chris R

"Upon checking in, we were stunned over the extremely poor condition of the walls. They had undergone very significant dents and discolorations, as if there had been movers moving furniture in and out 50 times. The internet was quite unreliable. It is extremely noisy, due to the chants coming out of the loud speaker from the next door mosque starting at 3am and again at 5am, as well as the various trains that run throughout the day and night blowing their horns. We could not get much sleep as a result of this. The neighborhood was extremely chaotic. It takes a very long time and huge amount of daring to cross the street in there. I once had to pay someone to run out with a sign and stop traffic. The site indicates that there is a bar, but this is deceptive, because they do not serve alcohol (only "mocktails")"

Jul 2019 | from : Maryam S

"I stayed here one night, don't rely on the photos on the hotel's website that shows amazing rooms. The rooms are dirty and the bathroom is full of molds. The hotel is two hour drive from the domestic airport but it's walking distance to the train station. Very low quality and super dirty rooms."

Apr 2019 | from : alexander g

"We used this hotel near the station for a one night stopover, and regretted it. The lobby was attractive and when we entered the room it looked quite large with a big bed, but with a shabby feel. Then the problems started. I went to make tea, but one mug had mysterious stains in the bottom so I caaled housekeeping for a replacement. None came so I called again and eventually two lightly stained cups arrived. My wife went for a shower and the controller came away in her hand! The shower door was flimsy and extremely difficult to open and close. Then she looked for a hairdrier. None. Apparently you have to call housekeeping to get one delivered for a maximum of 3 hours - good luck with that. We decided on room service. The menu included bintang beer, but no I couldn't have any. No explanation, just not available. The food took quite a while and arrived lukewarm. Then there was the usual early morning call to prayers accompanied by loud train whistles ensuring no lie in. Not tecommended"

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